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Choosing the appropriate solutions for business needs can frequently be challenging and time-consuming for businesses due to the rising diversity of cloud provider options. We are aware of the advantages and difficulties associated with cloud migration and cloud-native development. As a result, we have created 4 methods of cloud consulting that offer a revolutionary 360º digital transformation to meet the needs of our client.
In the modern world, one of the industries that are expanding is information technology consulting. Yet because it is not widely known, many people are not aware of the same.

TechAim roles

As a Salesforce consultant, TechAim mainly performs the following roles:

Managing the client relationship

TechAim as a Salesforce consultant builds and maintains a strong relationship with the client to understand their requirements, expectations, and business goals.

Creation and management of the projects

TechAim manages Salesforce projects, including defining project scope, creating project plans, and tracking project progress.

Setting up the business process

TechAim understands the client's business process and configures Salesforce to align with the process. This includes designing custom workflows, fields, and objects.

Team management for the technical staff

We manage a team of technical staff at TechAim, including developers, analysts, and administrators, to ensure successful project delivery.

Offering technical support

TechAim provides technical support to the client and their team, by resolving any issues or challenges that arise during the implementation or usage of Salesforce.

Technical product configuration

TechAim configures Salesforce products to meet the client's requirements. This may involve customizing the Salesforce platform, designing custom apps, or integrating third-party tools.

User testing and training

TechAim conducts user testing to ensure the Salesforce implementation meets the client's needs. Additionally, they provide user training to ensure the client's team knows how to use the Salesforce tools effectively.

IT infrastructure

TechAim can help you with modifying your IT infrastructure towards a more modernized one, so it will be updated and future-centric. TechAim can create a more software-oriented IT infrastructure for you.

Due to the nature of their job, Salesforce consultants often need to wear several hats. A member of the Salesforce implementation partner's team is a consultant. Their responsibility is to coordinate customer and business communications. They aid clients in having a better grasp of their corporate objectives as well as how the system can function more effectively. They are in a position to assist the client in enhancing organizational effectiveness and customer support.

Analyzing and understanding

A better understanding of business goals, and processes, analyzing pain points and providing a turnkey strategic solution for your project’s success

Suggesting best practices for the existing model

A better understanding of business goals and processes, analyzing pain points, and providing a turnkey strategic solution for your project’s success

Analyzing and understanding

Helping with the transformation of how the team works. Delivering solutions after analyzing and validating the results

Deriving the value proposition

Proven methodology to accelerate and articulate the provided solutions, helps you enhance the business

IT infrastructure is something that plays a really important part in the growth of an organization, as it is focused on the elements which help to run the business. In IT infrastructure, the needs of users and the working mechanism of main applications are covered. It is an excellent platform to create a resilient customer and employee experience.

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