The process
is made easier

The success of this process depends upon the planning, implementation, and training. We understand your complete needs before we start working on the project. Salesforce implementation is made easier for you with an implementation partner. They ensure that you don’t invest your time and money in unnecessary things.

Help TechAim Offers

We as a team can have better, faster, and greater foresight than ever before:

A better understanding of the client's needs

The implementation process takes place after taking into consideration how well you understand the prospective client's vision. Long-term objectives as well as the company's core values must be included, in this process. This helps in maintaining focus on what is most important. List down the work of every department. From the received responses, your work will be easy. So, now we just have to figure out which departments need Salesforce’s help and also calculate the possible outcome.

Cost-effective Budget

Salesforce implementation has different options for the different packages. So strategy planning is highly influenced by funding. The things which can be included in the package are as follows:-

Implementation :
- Service Charges
- Salesforce license
- IT Maintenance
- Salesforce consulting, etc

This is how we can help…
This is how we ensure…

- By ensuring that Salesforce implementation is successful, with the help of the professionals
- By providing you with a team of certified professionals who will make your    implementation journey easier
- By making sure that they have a track record for handling the same kind of business sector

This is how we ensure…

We help you to migrate your data easily. Data transfer is a challenging task for many organizations as they are new to the process of the CRM system. We can ensure that we provide you with the implementation partner to make the transfer of data smoother with their skill and knowledge.

A vital part…

- Proper training is required to ensure the correct use of Salesforce
- Without proper training, we risk lower success rates for the Salesforce, than what we expected
- For self-help support as well as guided Salesforce training and onboarding, there are   digital platforms such as What fix. These digital platforms make user's life easier  by providing solutions to their problems at their own pace and time

TechAim is an authorized Salesforce partner that ensures that Salesforce implementation is successful. Salesforce partners have a whole team working for them, which has Salesforce consultants and developers. This team works with the clients to understand their business needs, goals, and challenges completely.

TechAim as a Salesforce implementation partner provides the following services:

Strategic planning

We help you define the Salesforce CRM strategy and how to use Salesforce to meet your business objectives


We provide end-to-end implementation services, including customization, configuration, data migration, and integration

Training and support

We offer you training and ongoing support so that, we can fully leverage the Salesforce platform and achieve the planned results

Optimization and enhancement

We help you with the identification of the areas for improvement and also help you with implementing new features so that the constant growth of the business is assured

Proper CRM maintenance and support:

TechAim as your Salesforce partner helps you with the maintenance and support of the CRM solutions. We also help you with the regular monitoring of your process and workflow so that required measures can be taken accordingly.

As your Salesforce partner, we make sure your interface with the CRM solution works well. We support you not only in accurately leveraging Salesforce but also in boosting your business.

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Techaim is a leading Salesforce CRM partner, offering expert consulting services to help businesses improve their customer relationships and drive growth.