TechAim believes that happiness comes from within and is not solely dependent on external factors.

Happiness grows
inside out

We are a group of powerful individuals who approach our work in various ways. TechAim is proud to have a friendly workplace where every day is interesting. We think that passion and enthusiasm promote development. Additionally, by emphasizing growth in the proper direction, we are developing the next generation of leaders who will serve as the catalyst for excellence.


Our culture

Team Work
Team Work

Our Team

Chetana Pawar
Co-Founder & CEO
At Techaim, we're not just creating solutions, we're creating a better future for people around the world.
Vijay Pawar
Chief Operating Officer
Having a vision is important, but it's the mission that brings it to life.
Usaama Shaikh
Technical Analyst
Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.
Swarupa Kekare
senior technical architect
The best ideas come from collaboration, and at Techaim, we have a culture of teamwork that works towards excellence in everything we do.
Apoorva Jadhav
Business Analyst
As a team at Techaim, we share a common goal - to create solutions that transform the world and make a positive impact on people's lives.
Varsha pareek
The growth of an organisation is not just about adding new people, but Techaim helps empowering and developing those already on the team.
Ganesh Chafekar
Chief Growth Officer
Dream big, work hard, and grow together with Techaim.
Prashant Gite
Salesforce Developer
As a Salesforce Developer at Techaim, I am constantly learning and growing, leveraging the power of the platform to create cutting-edge solutions.
Anuj Parulekar
Salesforce Trainee
Techaim has helped me develop a deep understanding of the platform and its capabilities, enabling me to create innovative solutions and drive business success
Manjul sharma
Delivery Manager
Delivery, Program and Project Management are the backbone of successful technology implementations.
Chinthakunta sowmitra
salesforce Trainee
Techaim is more than just an consulting firm, it's a gateway to endless possibilities for personal and professional growth
Neha Bodkhe
Account & Finance Executive
Innovation is not a solo effort, it's a team effort. At Techaim, we come together to create new and exciting solutions that drive business success and social progress.
Nivedita Mahajan
Salesforce developer
Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort
Pooja Solaskar
Associate HR
Great HR is not just about policies and procedures, it's about creating a culture of innovation, empowerment, and belonging where people can truly thrive.
Neha Maheshwari
Senior Relationship Manager
The secret to our success as a team at Techaim is not just our technical expertise, but our ability to work together as a cohesive unit.
Pranita Ghule
Salesforce developer
All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
Ridhi Hingu
Associate BA
Success is not just about hitting our targets, it's about working together as a team to achieve our goals with passion.
Shakil Ahmed
Salesforce Trainee
As a Salesforce Developer at Techaim, I am proud to be part of a team that is dedicated to empowering businesses
Shivam Kulthe
Salesforce trainee
By combining technical expertise with creativity and innovation, we can transform the way organizations operate and help them achieve their full potential in the digital age.
Chirag Maru
Senior Business Analyst
As a Certified Sales Cloud Consultant at Techaim, we are committed to exceeding expectations, creating value, and making a positive impact on the world
Shivani Shiradhonkar
Associate BA
The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.
Simpoo Singh Jha
Senior Manager HR
Employees who feel valued and supported in their growth and development are more engaged and motivated to contribute to the success of the organisation
Pranali Bibekar
Digital Marketing Executive
At Techaim, we believe that innovation is the key to success. That's why we never stop exploring new ideas, technologies, and solutions.
Prashant Pawar
Salesforce Trainee
Being a Salesforce Developer at Techaim is not just a job, it's a passion for creating innovative solutions that drive business success.
Chetana Pawarour founderSalesforce developer Salesforce traineeBusiness analystTechnical analyst
Chetana Pawar
our founder
Hr Executive
Salesforce developer
Chetana Pawar
Salesforce trainee
Business analyst
Technical analyst
 Techaim Team

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