Fin Tech

A pre-built and easy-to-use solution in place for the Fintech Industry to reduce the time taken for Salesforce Implementations:

A customizable Loan Origination System to help financial institutions to streamline their loan application & valuation processes.

Key Features-

KYC: An automated verification process of KYC documents

API Integration: Easily verify documents and details

Loan Disbursements flow: Scheduling and detailing of the loan disbursement

EMI Calculation: Automated calculation of the payable EMI along with the applicable interest rate

Loan Origination System (Lending)
Merchant Onboarding Solution

A custom solution developed for FinTech Applications to smoothly onboard merchants

Key Features-

KYC verification of merchants: A webhook URL to encrypt and ensure KYC requests are legitimate

Onboarding of merchants: The application process was made simpler by assigning merchants to the specific relationship managers

Approval process: Mandatory IDs, Merchant IDs, and Transaction IDs are issued to the merchants with the help of pre-screening, verification, and approval process

Merchant/Customer Dispute Management System

The Onboarded merchants and customers of the platform will be able to register any complaints, grievances, or questions about the system.

Key Features-

Service Cloud Implementation: tickets can be registered with the given Transaction ID and Merchant ID by both the customers and the merchants with the help of Salesforce Service Cloud

Escalation Notification: Any unresolved cases can be further escalated with automation after a particular period, with the notification being sent to all those involved in the case

Boost Productivity with Automation

If you’re looking for more effective ways to analyze your team’s monthly progress, Sales Cloud helps you by putting your progress against your quota.

Key Features-

Lead generation by the Partners: Lead information is updated by the partners, which reflects on the Salesforce organization

Visibility of reports and dashboards: An overview of the generated leads made available on the partner portal with reports and dashboard


AMC Management

A solution for the Annual Maintenance Contract, for the Manufacturing Sector.

Key Features-

Renewal Reminders of the AMC: The customers will receive timely reminders for the payment renewals and the AMC expiration

Issued Alerts for the termination of the contract

Details regarding the warranty for the asset were also captured in the AMC

Visit Management

Key Features-

Geo-location tagging: A feature where check-in / check-out timings of the representative along with timestamps are captured during the client visit

Project Management

Key Features-

Manage Resource Allocation: Resources that have availability can easily be allocated to a task with a simple button click

Project priority and details: All project details are captured in one place with high-priority projects highlighted

Tasks and Milestone Management: List down all the tasks and the people assigned to them, as well as manage milestones such as completion of design, samples being created, etc.

Issues recording and tracking: Issues associated with a project are easily tracked. The action items can be added, along with the escalations issues

Turn Around Time

Key Features-

Displays a timer so when a case is logged in, all the changes made are accounted by seconds, so it is ensured that the complaint is resolved in the ideal time frame


Lead Pipeline Management

An easy-to-implement solution to enable customers to manage leads.

Key Features-

Lead life-cycle: The different stages of the lead life-cycle such as qualification, prospecting, setting up discoveries, etc

All in one place: Documents and details of the leads available on a single page

Post-purchase services: Support, warranty, and training are easily captured.


CPQ is a valuable addition to the sales cloud with the addition of product and rice rules.

Key Features-

Product Bundling: Static and dynamic bundling of products have been implemented

Automated renewals: Contracts are renewed via the Salesforce org itself, after sending the customer reminder message before the date of renewal

Invoice and Quotation Management

Invoices and Quotations are made easier

Key Features-

Create and send Invoices, and quotes: sales reps can easily send invoices and quotes with a button click

Multiple quotes can also be created, and Invoices can be scheduled for part payments

Real Estate

Easy-to-implement solutions have made it easier to handle customers throughout the pre and post-sales process

Pre-Sales / Lead Management

We have a solution for the Annual Maintenance Contract for the Manufacturing Sector.

Key Features-

Sourcing and engaging the lead: Source the leads from different sources such as exhibitions, third-party websites, welcome emails sent with brochures Engage the leads from different sources such as exhibitions, and third-party websites by sending welcome emails with brochures

Capturing site visit details: scheduled site visit details were captured

Site visit: Capturing the details about the scheduled site visit

Quotations: Rough quotes sent to potential customers, along with a booking form

Post-Sales Management

Key Features-

Calculations for payments: Automated estimates are being made for payment schedules with consideration of the GST amount

Payment calculations: Automated estimates are made for payment schedules after taking the GST amount into consideration

Customized emails: Progress report emails scheduled, with email templates customized for various occasions as well

Customized emails: Progress report emails are scheduled, with email templates that are customized for various occasions

Inventory Management

Easily tracking the availability of the units in the Real Estate sector

Key Features-

Development in APEX, LWC

Inventory Tracking: Units are tracked based on the booking details, and types of units, and issued alerts when a particular unit was low in number


Pre-built solutions for a niche industry like trading materials.

Key Features-

Vessel tracking: Tracking details of the vessel include the details about shipping as well

Product Details: Pre-order quantity of the products is auto-reflected in the total count of the products, the remaining amount of the products is counted as the ready stock for sale

Payments and invoices: Advanced payments are made to clients and the schedule for the remaining amount is also tracked, invoices generated are sent directly to the client from the console


Key Features-

Customer 360: All social media of the customer can be linked to the client so that we can get a whole 360 view of the customer in one place


Automated Workflows

Certain workflows would ease the daily tasks for the employees so the repetitive tasks can be avoided and employees can focus on the solely tasks that need effort. Some of the workflows are as follows:

Reminders for renewal of services, creation of quotes, approval of contracts, onboarding of new customers, feedback from customers, etc.

Inventory Management

Smoother and quicker implementation of Salesforce with API integration of various applications:

• Social Media - Slack, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc.
• Email - Gmail, Outlook
• Integrations with third-party applications

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